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Hidden Harbor

Sarasota, Florida

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Harlancorp Inc. is a Licensed Building Contractor in Sarasota, Florida............. Call us today to discuss your building needs..........David A. Harlan Phone: 941-356-0840

New Construction

Sarasota offers wonderful opportunities for new construction. Whether an undeveloped site, infill lot, or teardown and rebuild, Sarasota real estate maintains it intrinsic value as one of the best communities to live in the nation. Our World Class beaches are a perennial draw for global vacationers. David Harlan will take your blank canvas, and create your Sarasota masterpiece.


Location is everything, and we turn location into wow! Whether an addition, kitchen or bath remodel, or a complete re-do, David Harlan turns the old into new again. We embrace sustainability, and re-use and repurpose materials that only time can patina in special ways. Kitchen and bath remodels offer significant owner satisfaction, and the highest return on investment among all remodeling projects.


You already have location, form, and function, but just need a fresh look; we can help with your design dreams. Whether a whole house, or a single room, let us put our design skills to the test and give you a fresh new look.


Call David Harlan to discuss all of your building needs. With years of experience, we can take your project needs and turn them into reality. David can be reached at 941-356-0840, or email at

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David A. Harlan, President